a full service cleaning and maintenance company

Our Service Philosophy

Recognition from our customers on the success of our implementation has been and will remain our ticket to growth.

Our Integrity

We strive to earn and keep the trust from our clients by consistently achieving housekeeping/cleaning objectives in every aspect of our business.

Our Team Members

professionals with a proven track record and have worked together on numerous successful cleaning projects.

Our Bottom Line

Satisfaction; from staying within your budget, to making sure each detail is taken care of.

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We believe that this is the very first requirement of our service role. Having the expertise to understand the objectives and to fulfill them requires specialist knowledge and experience.

Knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it, using which chemicals, which methods, which equipment and working to what plan, how many cleaners are required to perform the function, what specification, materials and so on.

Cleaning is a science of its own, therefore through ongoing training, we go to great lengths to ensure that all members of our team are competent Contract Cleaning Specialists.

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Proper planning of required tasks, developing work site procedure and detailed Job Schedules is the starting point for operations. This ensures that all contractual and service objectives are built in and planned for.

Staff are introduced to these as part of the site specific training and are then accessed against these for Qualification and ongoing performance monitoring.

As a minimum standard, these objectives are :

1. To maintain Health, Hygiene and Safety

2. To preserve surfaces, finishes and fittings

3. To maintain appearance levels

4. To enhance the image of the clients organization through our work, our people and our attitudes

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Finally, to ensure that our service role is running well according to client's expectation then we provides Ongoing audits and inspections by Supervisors and Management with feedback to staff, corrective action or recognition, reinforce desired behaviour and install a consistently high standard.

For example, all areas are inspected regularly, grading quality (good, fair, poor) and instant feedback given to staff and are followed up on.